A cycling junkies thoughts…

I saw this post on @jeredgruber Instagram account and had to share. He’s a photographer covering professional cycling in Europe.  He’s worth a follow for some amazing pics and commentary.  This post pretty much sums up what most love about being on their bike…

“Something I’ve been thinking about a lot this year…I’m addicted to riding my bike. I’m a junkie.  I need the pain in my legs, the feeling of exhaustion that slowly wells up from your muscles proper and seeps into your bone marrow, and eventually, it floods, and your legs and your body cry.  It’s not a cry of sorrow – it’s the happy release of struggle and hard work and knowing that you’re making your body do things it doesn’t want to do, things it probably shouldn’t do, but exactly what you want it to do.

Sometimes, on a special day, I’m master of my own engine, and I tell it what to do.  I lash myself over and over again, constantly tiring, but fighting harder all the same, happily fighting against myself, my bike, the road, a duel between exhaustion and being captain of my own suffering.  The next day, my body will respond back in full, but for a few hours, I get carte blanche to do mean things to myself and enjoy it, enjoy the luxury of hurting.  I get the sense that this is a privilege, a privilege to feel every second, to push harder than I should, to will that distant crest closer.  Eventually, I hit the top, grasping, crumpled over my bars, hands and arms searing in tune with my legs.  There’s an instant of pure pain, but it passes, I smile, I pedal easily for a moment, and then my pace gradually picks up, my eyesight clears, the next hill comes into view…”

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